About Themezly

We are a team of forward thinkers who enjoy coding and designing. Our creations improve thousands of websites since 2007.

What makes us tick

Our Passion

We live and breathe web development in every shape or form. Our primary focus is WordPress and that is where our expertise truly come to shine.

  • Web Design
  • WordPress Themes
  • Web Development
  • WordPress Plugins

Have fun at what you do

Our work process is based on our ideas so the best way to stay creative is if you have enough laughter and of course fun.


Achieve together

We are a team of hard working movers and shakers. We care about each other and we complete the tasks in unison.

Inspire others

One of our daily routines is to inspire and help our community members to achieve their goals. Seeing them succeed brings us great joy.

Standards that guide us

Our Principles

We are innovative thinkers that help creatives bring their ideas to life. Attaining stunning creations is accomplished by the guidelines that bring results.

Visionary team that is making all this possible

Many Faces of Themezly

We are a tight-knit family of creative dreamers who share the passion for digital delight



Creative Director/Software Architect

Hi, I’m Dragan. I founded Themezly to give our community a quick access to latest web design & development trends.



Design Strategist

Hi there. I’m Sonja, web designer with ten years of experience. I am creating timeless designs for our members since 2007.




Hello, I am Igor, an exclusive web developer for Themezly. I'm passionate about teaching and mentoring entry level developers.



Marketing Manager

Hi there! I am Tina, a devoted member of Themezly family with passion for social media marketing.

They are bubbly and funny and they bring us joy

Our Very Important People

You guessed it. We are crazy about kids and they enlighten every minute of our daily lives. Since this is a kids corner we would like to mention few more little rascals that we love and care for.

Gabriel, Jelena & Sofia
Dragan The traveler - Mercedes Benz
Rade, Dusan & Ivana
Ivan The driver - Peterbilt
Sani, Dario & Ivana
Zoka The uncle - Lavazza
Lena & Matea
Darko The musician - Cubase
Elena & Sara
Boki The artists - Miami Ink

Daddy's Princess Mia

Our days start and end with her bursts of laughter.


Viktor the Brother's Keeper

Everything that Leo knows he has learned from this guy.


Leo the Trouble Maker

Crazy kid that makes us laugh every single day.