Custom Theme Presets

Instructions on how to create custom theme presets

Creatus WordPress Theme comes with presets Export/import utility that will help you create custom theme presets. For your convenience we have gathered a list of theme presets that come in handy when you don't need the complete theme demo but rather just want the demo theme settings.

Creating new theme preset

To create new theme preset, adjust the theme settings the way you need them, go to theme Export/import tab, click on Export theme settings button and save the preset in child theme presets folder. Note that preset file must be .json type;


Assign custom default theme preset

To assign a custom theme preset to be a default preset on theme install or reset button click add this filter in your creatus child theme functions.php;

function my_filter_default_theme_preset(){
    return 'preset_name';

add_filter( 'thz_filter_set_preset', 'my_filter_default_theme_preset');

Custom preset CSS file

If you are using custom theme presets you can also take advantage of custom theme preset CSS file and auto load assigned preset CSS file. To do so simple create preset_name.css file and add it in creatus-child assets CSS folder;