Hooks and Filters

Hooks and filters that can help you extend Creatus WordPress Theme
Creatus WordPress Theme Hooks and Filters

Creatus WordPress Theme comes with several WordPress hooks and filters that can help you extend or change theme functionality. To use the filter or hook just copy the snippet to your creatus-child/functions.php file and hit save.

Change logo html tag

// logoid | logo = default header logo |  logomobile =  mobile menu logo
function my_filter_textual_logo_data( $data ){

    $h_tag = is_front_page() && 'logo' == $data['logoid'] ? 'h1' :'div';

    $data['tag'] = $h_tag;

    return $data;

add_filter( 'thz_filter_textual_logo_data', 'my_filter_textual_logo_data' );

Change Image logo alt tags

function my_filter_image_logo_alt() {
    return 'My logo alt';
add_filter( 'thz_filter_logo_alt', 'my_filter_image_logo_alt' );
function my_filter_mini_header_image_logo_alt() {
    return 'My mini logo alt';
add_filter( 'thz_filter_mini_logo_alt', 'my_filter_mini_header_image_logo_alt' );

Add standard font to typography option font list

function my_filter_standard_fonts() {
    return array('Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif' =>'Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif');
add_filter( 'thz_typography_standard_fonts', 'my_filter_standard_fonts' );

Change widget list class

function my_filter_list_class_name(){
    return 'my-awesome-lists-class-name';

add_filter( 'thz_filter_list_class', 'my_filter_list_class_name');

Add more colors to theme colors palette

You must use color_ prefix for the colors to be recongnized.

function my_filter_add_palette_colors( $palette ){
    return $palette;
add_filter('thz_filter_palette_colors', 'my_filter_add_palette_colors' );

Include files action

The do_action( 'thz_filter_init_includes' ); fires before any Creatus files inclusion. This way you can add own files on init.

function my_filter_init_include_files (){

    require_once get_stylesheet_directory_uri(). '/inc/my-awesome-class.php';


Add own local host to combine shortcodes CSS files

If you are working on your localhost, during changes of any builder elements CSS files there is a function that runs only if files have been changed and it is combining all elements CSS in to the thz-shortcodes.css file. This is the default local hosts list.

$locals = array(

If the function does not run for you or you need to add a new local to the list use this filter

function my_filter_add_local_host ( $local_hosts ){
    return $local_hosts;

add_filter('thz_filter_combine_shortcodes_local_hosts', 'my_filter_add_local_host' );

Enable Gutenberg ( block ) editor

By default Creatus disables Gutenberg editor and let you use the Tinymce editor for all posts types and pages. To modify this filter or enable Gutenberg on specific post type you can re-declare the filter function in your child theme functions.php file.

 * Disable block editor
 * in case you need some logic see:
 * https://gist.github.com/danyj/ec00057550fd6f73995ab2f8fc8b729f
function _thz_filter_disable_block_editor_pt( $use_block_editor, $post_type ){

  $use_block_editor = true;
  return  $use_block_editor;