How to add custom background layer shapes

Instructions on How to add custom background layer shapes

Creatus theme container elements like hero sections, section, section slider, column and inner column have a layer option that adds a background layer to the container. These particular elements also have a Shape background type enabled that comes with over 25 custom shapes that you can use. If these do not fit to your design, follow the instruction below to add your own SVG shapes to the list;

  1. Create a responsive SVG shape. Recommended viewBox should be 1000x500 px
  2. Edit the SVG file and add a class thz-svg-shape thz-svg-{shape_file_name}
  3. Place your shape in creatus_child/assets/images/shapes folder.
  4. Add action to creatus_child/functions.php file


Shapes should be created with fill or stroke not the combo of both. If your shape has been created with a stroke than add a stroke suffix at the end of the file name eg; spiral-stroke.svg. This is required in order to use custom colors for the shape.

 * Adds shape to shape background list
 * svg needs to be created like this for preview to work and the,
 * class name should contain the exact file name, eg; thz-svg-myfan
 * <svg xmlns="" class="thz-svg-shape thz-svg-smoke" viewBox="0 0 1000 500" preserveAspectRatio="none">
 *  ...  your paths
 * </svg>

function my_filter_background_shapes_list ($list, $id){

    $new_list = array(
         * key must be same as the svg file , no extension;
         * smoke.svg = smoke
        'smoke' => esc_html__('Smoke', 'creatus'),
        'myfan' => esc_html__('My Fan', 'creatus'),


    foreach ( $new_list as $shape => $name ){
        $list[$shape]= array(
            'text' => $name,
            'attr' => array(
                 * enable|disable flip option
                'data-enable' => '.'.$id.'-shape-flip-parent',

    unset( $new_list );

    return $list;

add_filter('thz_filter_background_shapes_list', 'my_filter_background_shapes_list', 10, 2 );