How to install Creatus Theme Demo

Instructions on how to replicate Creatus Theme demos as you see them on our demo website.

Demo Images Info

Few images that we have used in our demo have been purchased from stock photo websites like Shutterstock. Due to copyright restrictions we do not have legal rights to distribute those images. We can only use them on our live demo installations, thus we are forced to blur them out or replace them before we deliver the demo to you. However you can find similar or more suitable images on Unsplash.

Demo installation process explained

For easier start we have bundled several demo installations with Creatus Theme. These installations will replicate Creatus Theme demos as you see them on our demo website. The actual demo installation process consist out of following steps;

  1. Your current installation backup
  2. Demo download from our server
  3. Extraction and demo installation
  4. Image sizes restore ( longest process )
  5. Installation cleanup

As you can see from the steps above that the process is detailed thus it might take longer to proceed. The longest process is Image sizes restore and its speed depends on the amount of images used in demo and your server speed. Our biggest demos are Clean and Creatus because we have used many images ( 400+ ) to display all available theme features for you. So we ask of you to have patience and wait for the process to be finished.

Demo installation steps

  1. In WordPress Admin area side menu go to Creatus > Demo install.
Install Creatus WordPress Theme demo 1
  1. Select your desired demo and click on Install button.
Install Creatus WordPress Theme 2
  1. After successful installation your will be redirected to your new demo homepage.

Backup Info

Please note that the demo installation will replace all your current installation content. However you can always revert back by restoring the backup.

Restoring Backup

  1. To restore backup in WordPress Admin area side menu go to Creatus > Backup and restore.
Install Creatus WordPress Theme 3
  1. Select the backup you wish to restore and click on Restore Backup button.
Install Creatus WordPress Theme 4