Quick and Easy Assign Widgets or Create Widget Areas

Written by themezly

WordPress is an awesome publishing platform that comes with plenty of ready to use features and options that can help you adjust your new blog or website. But let’s face it. Not everything is there. There are certain parts of WordPress that require  a 3rd party plugin in order to be adjusted. Widgets are one of those parts.

Currently there is no default way to assign your widget to a specific page. Once you publish a widget in your sidebar it is there on every page throughout your website. This is where Assign Widgets comes in. This nifty plugin will help you control your widget visibility and or create a widget area that you can use anywhere on your website. Assign Widgets interface is easy to use and has 3 simple options;

  • Widget visibility type – From predefined select options Hide on selected pages/types and Show only on selected pages/types choose if the widget should be shown or hidden on selected pages.
  • Assigned pages or view types – Use predefined page types to assign your widget. Start typing the page name to activate page search utility that will help you assign widget to a specific page.
  • New widget area name – Input box that will generate your widget area once you click on Add new widget area button and will generate the widget are position code that you can use in your theme or plugin template files.

Plugin options are located under every WordPress widget area and they will let you control widgets visibility. You can even type the post name and assign/unassign your widget on the post page. As you can see Assign Widgets is a problem solving plugin that just feels natural in your WordPress environment.

Download Assign Widgets

If you are in need to control your WordPress widgets go to your Add New plugin admin page , in search box type ‘Assign Widgets‘ and click on install. Or if you rather download it first please do so from Assign Widgets on WordPress.org.


Did you find Assign Widgets plugin helpful? Please consider leaving a 5-star review. Developers can contribute to the source code on the Assign Widgets GitHub Repository.