Top Tips for Using the Creatus Page Builder

Written by Megan Jones

Creatus is a stunning multipurpose WordPress theme that will enable you to design beautiful and original websites. This feature-rich theme includes a wide assortment of demos, 150+ templates and layouts, extensive theme options through the theme option admin panel, and much more.

Crucially, Creatus incorporates an integrated page builder, that will allow you to customize every individual page, post and element of your WordPress website. In this article, we will look at top tips for using the Creatus page builder. This insight will enable you to create a truly sensational WordPress powered website, built to your exact specifications.

Creatus Page Builder Overview

The Creatus page builder is an enhanced version of the Uynson page builder extension. This powerful builder includes 50+ custom built elements that you can insert into any page or post of your website.

Page builder split section

Elements are divided into three categories entitled…

  • Layout Elements
  • Content Elements
  • Media Elements

Each of these elements can be quickly and easily added to your site using the drag and drop page builder feature. This makes the creation of your site and the experimentation of your layouts and visuals a fun and exciting process. And ensures you design a stylish and functional site that appeals to your target audience.

How to Insert a Creatus Page Builder Element into Your WordPress Website

To insert one or many of the Creatus elements into your website, open a page or post that you want to work on. Then select the Visual Page Builder. You can now browse the wide assortment of elements on offer, and drag and drop the appropriate element into the page/post.

Let’s have a look at some of the element options…

  • Calendar – Present your tasks or events in a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.
  • Contact Form – Add a contact form anywhere on your site. Then automatically receive the submissions to your email.
  • Countdown Timer – Display a countdown timer for a specific event.
  • Exit Popup – Add exit popups that will appear when a visitor goes to leave you site.
  • List Element – Show items in an ordered, unordered, or icon html list.
  • Magnific Popup – Showcase images, videos, or iframe in stylish and customizable lightbox popups.
  • Google Maps – Insert useful and customizable Google Maps.
  • Media – Embed images, Vimeo and YouTube videos, self hosted video and audio, and much more. Or embed a Media Gallery within a grid or slider.
  • Social and Sharing Links – Add social links to your social profiles, and sharing links, in customizable containers.
  • Table Element – Display a pricing table or a list of tabular data.

Once you have added the elements to a page or post, click on Preview to check how they look on the front end of your site.

This is just a section of elements that the Creatus theme provides, so make sure you take a look at the Creatus demo to see what else is on offer.

The Creatus Template Library

The Creatus page builder comes with an advanced Template Library to make designing your website quick and easy. This library contains over 150 predefined page builder templates, with more demos, layouts and elements being added all the time.

Creatus Template Library
Creatus Template Library

To use the templates from the Creatus library, open the page or post where you want to add a template. In the Post Editor toolbar, select Visual Page Builder. Then click on the Template Library icon to browse the library. Once you have selected a template from the library, import it into the page builder with just one click.

As you can see, using the template library makes designing your website an extremely easy process. And ensures your site has the right look, feel, and functionality that will guarantee its success.

How to Save and Reuse a Custom Page Template

Although there are a wide assortment of library templates to select from, Creatus also gives you the ability to create, save and reuse your own custom page templates. Simply design your own unique and personalised templates, and then reuse them on any of your pages.

Save full template
Save full template

To get started, open a page and create your custom page template using the Creatus page builder. Then save the template by selecting the Templates Icon and clicking on Full Templates > Save Full Template. Give your new template a name and click Save.

To reuse your template, open a new page where you would like to insert the template. Check the Creatus page builder is activated and then click back on the Templates Icon. Under Full Templates > Load Templates, select the template you would like to use from the list. Your template will then be immediately inserted into your page.

Evidently, saving and reusing custom page templates with the Creatus page builder is a quick and intuitive process. And importantly, it helps you to easily design the perfect website.

Final Thoughts on the Creatus Page Builder

The Creatus page builder is a truly impressive tool. From its extensive template library options, to its copious number of elements, whatever your website’s niche this page builder can cater for your design needs.

Want to see what else the Creatus page builder can do? Check out the Creatus demo.

Any questions on using the Creatus page builder? Please ask in the comments below…