Vibrant – Colorful SaaS Creatus WordPress Theme Concept

Written by themezly

Vibrant SaaS WordPress Theme is a one of those website designs that you simply cannot stop looking at. The style, the color the full page effects combined with beautiful animations will glue all your visitors to their screens. 

Websites like this usually just give you a sleek looking frontpage but we could not do that. We had to give a 150% and make it as nice as possible so that you can use it for your software presentation or even as a blog. So our version of full page theme demo features few things that others dont, like;

  • Custom pageblock offcanvas on homepage
  • Custom pageblock offcanvas on blog
  • Gorgeous background layers effects
  • Global hero section
  • Custom blog design

Offcanvas pageblock positions

This is a new addon to Creatus WordPress theme and you guessed it , it was made specifically for Vibrant. We were looking at all that empty space that you have when you open the offcanvas menu and could not stay away from it. Something new had to go in and we opted for a full blown pageblock position. Here you can use the page builder to add anything you need to get your visitors attention.

Vibrant blog posts

The blog posts are styled with the help of default Creatus theme settings and we simply added smooth box shadows and colorful images. To be honest with you it took us couple of minutes to set it up but by looking at it, it might seem that we needed longer. To make it look different from other Creatus blog demos we just displayed the featured image as a hero and changed the related posts layout and background color.


Once again we have proven that Creatus WordPress theme is suitable for any web concept and if you are already using it you know that all the designs are a single click away. Do not hesitate, download Creatus and setup your WordPress website within minutes.