Icon element will display any icon from over 3500+ theme icons

Icon element will display any icon from over 3500+ theme icons. Element popup contains following options;

Defaults tab

  1. Icon metrics  -  Adjust icon metrics. Color is not applicable if your are using own icon image.
  2. Icon holder box style  -  Adjust icon holder box style.
  3. Icon image  -  Upload or select icon image. This option has precedence over the icon option above.
  4. Animate  -  Add animation to the HTML container.
  5. Container metrics  -  Add custom class or ID to HTML container and adjust visibility on specific devices.

Text tab

  1. Icon text  -  Add icon text.

Background shape tab

  1. Background shape  -  If active, this icon will be placed inside a adjustable container.
  2. Shape metrics  -  Set shape width background, border and space between border and shape.
  3. Shape type  -  Select shape type.
  4. Nudge  -  Nudge icon. By default icons inside the shape are centered but some icons visualy appear as out of line. See play borderless icon for instance. This option helps you move the icon inside the shape and this way adjust the appearance. If you need to pull the icon up, use negative top value.
  5. Hover effects  -  Select shape hover effect.