Typist element display typewriter text animation

Typist element displays typewriter text animation. The Typed docs or GitHub repo will give you more info on available script options.

Element popup contains following options;

Defaults tab

  1. Strings  -  Click the button to add new string.
  2. String before  -  Add a string before typist.
  3. String after  -  Add a string after the typist.
  4. Text brakes  -  Add text brake before or after typist.

Metrics & Layout tab

  1. Container box style  -  Adjust .thz-typist-container box style.
  2. Script settings  -  Adjust typed script settings.
  3. Tag  -  Set .thz-typist-holder HTML tag.
  4. Font settings  -  Adjust font settings.
  5. Container metrics  -  Add custom class or ID to HTML container and adjust visibility on specific devices.

Effects tab

  1. Animate  -  Add animation to the HTML container.
  2. Gradient text  -  Use gradient as typist text color. Fallback is color 1 on non webkit browsers. Typist color from Font settings is not used if gradient is active.