Short Overview of the Creatus Theme Options Panel

Written by themezly

Creatus ships with an advanced theme options panel that will give you control over every aspect of your website. This makes the Creatus theme panel a powerful tool, and one that you should try and quickly get to know if you want to easily create a beautiful and unique site.

In this article, we will discuss some of the main theme option panel settings. And we will look in detail at a number of key customization options that the options panel offers. It is important to note that theme options can be overwritten on posts, pages and taxonomies, enabling you to customize your site on a page by page basis.

Control Content Layout, Styling and Typography

To open the theme options admin panel, select Appearance > Theme Settings from the WordPress menu. The Creatus theme options panel will now be displayed in your WordPress dashboard.

Site Theme Options
Site Theme Options Section

Under Site you will find the options for controlling the site and content layout, main styling and typography. Altering these settings will help you create a unified and site layout and style, that works for your brand and audience.

Along the top of the admin panel under Site Options you will find four tabs…

  • Site Layout – Here you can set the site width, select a boxed or full page layout, and much more.
  • Content Layouts – Control where the sidebars appear on each particular page type.
  • Styling – Alter the main color palette as well as access further style options.
  • Typography – Customize your site’s typography including altering font and link colors, and choosing from over 800+ Google Fonts for the body and heading typography.

As you can see, Site Options provide limitless options that enable you to modify the look of your site to your exact specifications.

Alter the Header Style and Layout

To customize your site’s header, select Header from the theme options admin panel. Here you can select the layout of your site’s header, whether you would like it to appear at the top of the page or on the right or left-hand side, and where the menu will feature in the header.

Header Theme Options
Header Theme Options Section

Some header layouts allow you to add extra features to your header, including social buttons, an advertising banner, branding and more. You can also select to use a sticky header bar on your website, as well as show a header toolbar.

Add a Logo

Under Logo, you will find the settings to control your site’s logo. Adding a memorable logo to your site is important to help your audience recognize and remember your business.

Logo Theme Options
Logo Theme Options Section

Here you can select your logo type, upload your logo or alter the dimensions and position. If you have a specific page that requires a different logo,  these logo options are also available on per page basis.

Set Up Hero Sections

The Hero Sections option will enable you to set up hero sections and assign them to specific pages on your site. Under the Hero Sections > Default tab, you can select the page type where you want a hero section displayed, and choose the type of hero section.

Hero Sections Options
Hero Sections Theme Options

For example, you may want to display a full slider hero section on every blog page. You can then alter the layout of the hero section and add effects, including background layers, animations and parallax effect.

Customize the Footer

To customize your WordPress website’s footer, select Footer from the theme options admin panel. Here you will find numerous footer settings so you can create a custom footer based on your site’s needs.

Footer Theme Options
Footer Theme Options Section

Select what content you want displayed in your footer, customize the footer box style, and change the font type and color.

Generate Extra Widgets

The Widget Generator will enable you to add an unlimited number of sections to each widget position. Widget positions include…

  • Above the header
  • Under the header
  • Footer
  • Top panel
  • Bottom panel
  • Sidebar
Widgets Generator Theme Option
Widgets Generator Theme Options Section

Once created, the widget areas can be found under Appearance > Widgets. This feature will ensure that your site displays all necessary information, in the right places, so your audience can fully engage with your content. Thanks to our Assign Widgets plugin, widgets can also be assigned on per page basis.

Display Social Links

Linking your website to your social media channels is crucial if you want to grow your following and expose your site to a wider audience.

Socials Theme Options
Socials Theme Options Section

In the theme options panel under Socials tab, you will be able to integrate your website with your personal social media profiles as well as add social sharing buttons to your posts.

Import or Export Theme Settings

After adjusting your theme options you might want to to import or export the theme settings. This can be done under the Export/import tab.

Export/Import Theme Options
Export/Import Theme Options Section

Files are imported or exported as .json files, and it is recommended that you backup your theme settings before you start an import.

Final Thoughts on the Creatus Theme Panel Options

Although we have managed to cover a multitude of theme settings in this article, the Creatus theme panel actually includes many more features and utilities that have gone without mention. To get a full idea of the extensive options Creatus offers, and just how they can help you with your website design, check out the Creatus theme demo.

If you have a question on the options in the Creatus theme admin panel, please ask in the comments below…